Foundation Sculptor Berrocal
Client information
On the 22nd of November 2007 the Fundacion Escultor Berrocal Para Las Artes (Foundation sculptor Berrocal for the Arts) has been constituted in Madrid, Spain. The Foundation has been created by the heirs of Miguel Berrocal, fulfilling so his express desires and completing the project that the artist started while still alive. The Foundation will develop its activities from Spain with international projection. It is leaded by the widow of the sculptor Mrs Cristina de Braganza de Berrocal. The Institution aims at the conservation, the research and diffusion of Miguel Berrocal’s works, as well as the contribution to the development and progress of Culture and Arts, Science and Technology in all its forms.
Create brand and visual identity system that can be used in different purposes as sub-brands.
Logo & Brand architecture
The sculptures of Berrocal can be taken apart, transformed and combined; they invite the viewer to search and explore new concepts and volumes in the empty space and within the very structure of the work. Foundation asked me to create a visual identity framework. The identity should both unify into one the idiosyncratic contribution of their places and content, as well as be able to grow if other cultural elements are added in the future. Most of Berrocal sculptures can disassemble like puzzles and at the center of those pieces, a ring shaped can be easily detected.
*Project cancelled
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